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Are You?

Sick and tired of not having enough Sales?
Sick and tired of being a victim of the economy?
Sick and tired of your phone not ringing?
Sick & tired of being an advertising victim?
Sick & tired of ONLY attracting the client’s from hell?
Sick & tired of losing in the “Low Price” arena?

If you’re a contractor you likely did well during the construction boom but now you’re STARVING FOR SALES . . . constantly wondering when the next job will come your way . . . constantly wondering what works and what doesn’t in attracting sales . . . constantly wondering how to get started properly in marketing your business . . . constantly worrying that you will spend oodles of money you can’t afford on a marketing program that is doomed from the get-go?

My name is Henry Goudreau and I wrote the book on how to successfully marketing your construction products and services. I’ve helped my clients make millions of dollars even in this down economy! I know what works and what doesn’t. To help you either get started in marketing your construction services or to instantly improve your existing marketing program, I’ve put together the “Best of My Best” marketing strategies, ideas, techniques, examples, models, blueprints, information, and “secrets” in my “Starving Contractors Magical Marketing Success Bundle!”





I just received my package and WOW . . . lots of great material!



Tom Flanagan

T & F Construction

So, what is this bundle?

It is a set of groundbreaking, practical, field-tested and proven marketing strategies, ideas, techniques, examples, models, blueprints, information, and “secrets” that you need to know in order to successfully market your construction products and services.

It’s a monster-size bundle yet an easy-to-utilizeTOOLSHED of ready or insider’s guidelines to using the marketing information that I have written, developed, utilized and presented to my high-paying, BIG money-making best-of-the-best “STREET SMART CONTRACTORS.”

This bundle has everything you NEED for a truly successful marketing program for your business. Without this marketing bundle, you’re flying dangerously blind and spending wheelbarrow loads of money you can’t afford on marketing that will never . . . ever . . . in no shape, form or manner work!

This bundle has everything you NEED to successfully target your best customers with smart bomb technology, so your marketing makes you money not wasting your money!

This bundle has everything you NEED for the “built-in” competitive advantage allowing you to dominate your marketplace!

This bundle has everything you NEED for the “highly effective” price immunization that allows you to sell at your price and create an instant ‘immune resistance system’ to the low ball arena!

This bundle has everything you NEED to set your business apart, creating your own ‘private’ and profitable niche from every competitor who is presently ‘stealing’ work from you!

THERE’S SOMETHING HERE FOR EVERYBODY. The strategies, ideas, techniques, examples, models, blueprints, information, and “secrets” that have been “proven to work” some with minor changes for:

General Contractors

Design Build Contractors

Remodeling Contractors

Home Builders

Roofing Contractors

Commercial Contractors



HVAC Contractors

Mechanical Contractors

And All Types of Service & Specialty Contractors!

To be frank, some of the best ideas comes when you allow yourself to be exposed to ideas, strategies and methods that are “outside the box” of your present realm of thinking. And everything you’ll discover in this massive marketing bundle will ignite the rocket that will propel your thinking process and light-the-fuse to your marketing success.

Should you invest right now?

Do you want more sales? Do you want to end your constant fight for work? Do you want to stop being at the mercy of your competitor’s? Can you really afford not to do anything to help your business succeed? Can you come up with any more silly reasons not to act right now? Why would you ever not want do something that is good for you . . . that will improve your business?

If your instinct is to wait or “hold-off” for now for whatever reasons you can think of. If you’re afraid to pull out your credit card and get your hands on what will only help improve your business. Maybe you should go to work for someone else and stop pretending you’re a business owner.

Because . . .

It’s getting harder and harder to be a contractor. The “good ole days” are long gone. They will NEVER come back in our near future! And . . . I bet you can’t afford to wait. The economy is changing, and … if you’re not gong to change with the new economy, you’ll soon be buried with the dinosaurs.

However . . .

If you refuse to accept failure . . . If you are NOT afraid to step-up-to-the-plate and take charge of your future . . . If you are willing to rise above the meek, the weak and the panicking contractors who are slashing their prices and doing the work for nothing, then by all means pull your credit card out of your wallet and buy this marketing bundle right now!

Your investment for all of this?

Look, if you are doing really, really well right now and your business is booming --- as so many of my clients are --- I know you’ll invest in this bundle. Why? Because winners win for a reason!

But, if you’re struggling a bit, if you’re suffering with the reality of recession, if you’re feeling a bit of doubt or anxiety of not producing good results, if you’re a bit bewildered by why this is happening to you or if you feel that ‘things’ just are not coming together or … if you feel just plain hopeless, then you need this marketing bundle right now!

You can’t create income and sales by sitting on your duff worrying about things! You need to get off your duff and start doing the right things. And one of those things is owning all of the right, proven, and tested marketing ideas.

Doing nothing will cost you far more than your investment in this marketing bundle!!!

Here is what you can expect to receive:

  • How to Market and Sell Your Construction Services Like Magic - A $34 value
  • The Lost Chapter "How to Write Great Copy" - A $20 value
  • How to Market “Power Pack Audio CD's” - A $165 value
  • Audio CD - How to Get 300% In Results - A $20 value
  • Audio CD - What Every Contractor Must Do In Marketing - A $20 value
  • The Contractors magical Marketing Tool Belt - A $399 value
  • Special Bonus Report -  "How to Immediately Increase the Results from
     Your Yellow Pages, Coupons, Ads and Other Print Advertising" - A $20 value
  • Henry’s Audio “Destination Management” CD Set – A $99 Value
  • Special Bonus Report- "How to Make HUGE Amounts of Money by FARMING Targets" - A $20 Value
  • Bonus Audio CD- How to Sell for More - A $20 Value
  • Bonus Audio CD- How to Generate GREAT Marketing Campaigns and Ideas" - A $20 value.
  • Bonus Audio CD - "How to Generate Leads with Special Reports" - A $20 value.
  • 300+ Workbook Complete with 6 Audio CD's - A $1497 value
  • Henry's - "The A to Z of Marketing & Understanding Your Marketing Blueprint" worth $399 alone!
  • Henry's - "Marketing that Crushes the Competition!" a $300 value
  • Henry's - "Mastering the Selling Process How to Sell at Higher Prices" – a $499 value
  • Henry's Business Building Blueprint for Contractors – a $399 value
  • Henry's Success Strategy - "Fusion Thinking!" – a $99 value
  • Henry's "System Development Blueprint" – a $199 value
  • And more!

This is a TON of powerful marketing information, over $4,250 worth of powerful marketing information for ONLY $1997!!! You've got to get a truck load of great ideas, strategies and more from it. But WAIT! If you act right now, I’ll give you a coupon code worth an additional $300 off which means you’ll get all of the POWERFUL, MONEY-MAKING marketing ideas in this bundle for ONLY $1697!!! Just insert the coupon code: SAVE300 when you get to the shopping cart and place your order. Again, Insert the code and you’ll SAVE an additional $300!

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It’s HUGE! . . . It’s MASSIVE! . . . It Makes YOU More Money!!!

You will certainly blow thousands of dollars having a “stab” at marketing. You will certainly blow thousands having some so-called ‘marketing expert’ who knows absolutely nothing about your business, the construction world or your best customers write you a total flop of an ad. Instead of losing your shirt at the mercy of others, this marketing bundle can remove that and more from your next marketing campaign.

Heck, if getting more sales and making more money is what you’re looking for, then not buying this marketing bundle shouldn’t even be a consideration for you.

The quickest way I know of getting to your next profit-bursting promotion is by following and doing what works. It is possible to have that happen within one week of getting your marketing bundle. It’s up to you and your hunger to be successful.

If that is the case . . . if you are truly hungry to be successful, then . . .

Order this marketing bundle and take that big, first step in improving your present condition. This is the information you need to market successfully, there is no doubt about it and you can’t get it anywhere else. It’s the real thing. All you have to do is order it right now!

Dedicated to your business success,

Henry Goudreau

P.S. I put this bundle together to help those contractors who really have a deep down burning desire to pump up their profits. This is cutting edge technology. The ‘stuff’ that makes businesses successful. If you’re looking to grab the Lion’s share of your marketplace, to crush your competition with TONS of “wicked-good” ideas, then this is the marketing information you want and need.

P.P.S. I get to talk with a lot of contractors and I always find the same problem or as I call it, “the same stupid mistake.” They did nothing! You can’t wait for things to change, for things to get better on their own, for things to pick up, for cash to improve, the next job or whatever other flimsy excuses you can think of. Procrastination, waiting, failure to act, worrying about and doing nothing will only breed failure. You need to get doing something; you need to make it happen with a down-to-earth, success-driven, field-tested, proven system of marketing that works! The majority of contractors either don’t market or they just plain suck at marketing!This means opportunity for the smart and this marketing bundle will show you how to be smart and successful with your marketing. The Marketing Blueprint alone will be your roadmap to success. It is in itself, it is the easy to follow, can’t miss, simplified, laid-out, step-by-step road map you need. Take the shortcut to success and order your “Starving Contractors magical Marketing Bundle to Success!” today!