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Introduction for Keynote and Seminar Speaker Henry Goudreau

Keynote and Seminar Speaker Henry Goudreau requires the following introduction be used for him. This professional introduction was developed so as to ensure an effective and enjoyable presentation for the audience and enhance the message of the speaker. Please do not deviate from it by adding personal remarks or by omitting any part. Experience has shown that the quality of an expert's introduction by the introducer, you, influences how receptive the audience is to the material. Your cooperation will contribute immensely to making this a professional, worthwhile, and rewarding experience for the audience.


  1. Copy and paste introduction into your word processor
  2. Retype in 14 point size
  3. Use both lower & upper case (Do not use all upper case)
  4. Place on a regular, full size piece of white paper, 24 pound.
  5. Type double space
  6. The slash marks (/) are for the introducer to include a slight pause. Please inform the introducer as to the meaning of the slash marks.
  7. Instruct the introducer to read script as is and not to add or omit any part of the script.
  8. Direct the introducer that under no circumstances is Henry's name to be mentioned until the very last words!


Research has revealed / that contractors are great technicians, tradesperson's and craftsman / but are not great business managers. / It is for that reason, / so many contractors fail / when the economy takes a downward movement / or / end up after a lifetime of working to build a business, / liquidating their business, / for pennies on the dollar.

That's why [INSERT PROGRAM TITLE] will play such a vital role / in building a bottom-line success / for all of us / who are contractors.

Your speaker for this presentation / is the author of several self-study business development-training systems for contractors. / He is the founder of "The Golden Hard-hat "Private Roster" Mentoring Program" / a business building program / that has helped hundreds of contractors improve their business and profits. / He is an author / who has written numerous articles for national construction magazines, / including: "Commercial Builder", "Shelter Magazine", "Hard Hat News" and others, / and has his own book titled "How to Market and Sell Your Construction Services Like Magic!"/ and soon to be released this summer / "How to Build BIGGER Profits In Your Construction Company".

He comes to us from Sarasota, Florida / and brings to this platform / over 30 years of construction experience / both nationally and internationally. / Today as an expert and consultant / he shares his know-how / in speeches and seminars / all over America. / He spends so much time on airlines / that his mail address could be PO Box TWA!

He's with us today / to share his ideas on [INSERT PROGRAM TITLE]

Please welcome / "The Contractor's Consultant" … / a man who is recognized / as the construction industries leading resource / for business development … / HENRY GOUDREAU!

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