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Why Doesn’t Your Marketing & Advertising Work?

Stop SignSTOP WastingMoney On Ineffective Marketing Guesswork …

STOP Wasting Time With Marketing That Doesn’t Work …

STOP Using Unproductive Advertising!

Learn how to attract a flood of new customers 
that will give you a surge in your cash flow!

From: Henry Goudreau, C.S.L.
September 17, 2007
Dear Fellow Contractor:

If you own a Construction Business of any kind: How would you like to stop being a "victim" of the economy?.....Finally get accurately measurable, quick results from each and every dollar you put into ANY kind of advertising, marketing, or promotion? At will, attract a flood of new customers? At will, spark a huge cash flow surge? Define and DOMINATE any "target market" of your choosing . . . for less than $2.00 per prospect? (It doesn't matter if you own a construction company selling roofs, plumbing, air conditioning, electrical, site construction, remodeling, new homes, commercial or specialty construction, incredibly what I'm about to reveal to you can "re-invent" your entire marketing process for the better)!

If you are a tired of cold-calling: How would you like to end cold prospecting once and for all? Possess new, powerful ways to magnetically attract prospects who are pre-disposed to view you as an expert, ally and advisor, pre-disposed to buy from you? Put an end to being "screened," to phone tag? Have qualified prospects eagerly asking you to make time to see them?

If you are a working on a “tight” budget: How would you like to cut all the fat, waste, even the uncertainty out of your company's advertising ... AND ... make your efforts immensely more productive?

All of the above benefits and many more, are readily available -- with my marketing strategies, notably my new product "The Contractor’s Magical Marketing Tool Belt."

How I Can Help You Make More Money

My name is Henry Goudreau. You've probably heard of me -- or heard me speak. I speak to over 20,000 people each year, appearing in large events such as AGC, ABC, NAHB, Remodeler’s, Roofing Association just to name a few. I wrote the book “How to Market and Sell Your Construction Services Like Magic!”

One of my hottest, most in demand speech topics and seminar is -- "Crush the Competition" -- and we get rave reviews from the people who acquire and use my marketing ideas.

I promise you that you, too, will be amazed at the power of my unusual yet proven methods to virtually transform businesses from struggle or 'average' to meteoric growth and extraordinary success at blinding speed.

And …

If you act quickly on this pre-advance notice, you can put my "marketing wizardry" to work for YOU now, on a zero risk basis.

I Know You May Go To A Lot Of Seminars, Hear A Lot Of Speakers,
And Own A Lot Of Books And Tapes. Still, I Outright Guarantee
You've Never Gotten Your Hands On Anything Quite As Powerful And Practical As My Materials

I have assembled a product like no other -- yes, it includes audio CD's, but you MUST NOT prejudge it because of that.

This is actually a complete "TOOL BELT"... real tools you take and use in your business EVERY SINGLE DAY!. It's called THE CONTRACTOR’S MAGICAL MARKETING TOOL BELT and you might think of it as a complete, transformational marketing department in a box.

Actually, this is such a unique product it is hard to describe, but I'm going to take my very best shot.

There are 6 main, moneymaking "components" in my CONTRACTOR’S MAGICAL MARKETING TOOL BELT -- let me walk you through each of them:

"No Brainer," Fast Implementation

First, in general, I've made implementation an 80% "no-brainer," because I have done 80% of the work for you. In addition to teaching on the CD's included in the Kit, I have created complete direct marketing/Magical Marketing Systems for each one, commercial, residential, specialty and included all of the "power documents": prospecting and sales letters, ads, postcards, and so on.

And these documents are all marked "Copyright Free," which gives you permission to take them and use them, virtually as-is! (When I am paid to work with my clients, I am typically paid $10,000.00 to as much as $25,000.00, so there is EASILY over $75,000.00 worth of copywriting services provided in this Kit!)

Now, here's the best part: Information and ideas are fine, but let's bridge the gap to implementation. It turns out that 99% of all construction businesses fit one (or more) of these categories so perfectly and ...YOUR business will match up with (at least) one of these categories so perfectly, you will be able to "steal" and use those "power documents" and strategies outright, just as if they were created for you ... only very minor adaptation necessary!

Please pay attention to this point! At each seminar, after each speech, I am surrounded by people, each asking if there is something that applies to this business, that business, each believing theirs to be so "different" it must not be included.

So, to repeat: 99% of all contractors are covered by this Tool Belt! For most, at least one category is such a perfect match, there's instant application with little or no creative adaptation.

The Tool Belt covers business-to-business selling situations, to-consumer situations, specialty, professional practices, direct sales, industrial, big ticket items, on and on. And just about everybody who gets this Tool Belt finds one category to be a very close match ... they learn and "borrow" from ALL the materials, AND they are able to instantly and easily apply the tools from the one category best matched to their business.

And remember these are Copyright-Free Documents. You've just got to see this "marketing masterpiece!"

Learn From What Others Have Done

In addition to everything I created for you, I’ve also included "Exhibits" that I did NOT create. These came from people just like you, who purchased my book or worked directly with me, took something, adapted it to their business, then sent it in.

These Exhibits let you see exactly how other contractors have very successfully adapted and used the 'power documents' in the Kit. By seeing how they've moved the 'documents' from one business to another, from a different business to theirs, you can see how to do it too.

Included in these Exhibits, you even get a "Cash Flow Surge Letter".....4 typed pages that brought in $58,000.00 of extra, cash business in 15 days for one contractor and have been adapted, with similar success, in over a dozen different contractors that we know of. These four typed pages ALONE could easily be worth thousands of dollars to you.

Don't mistake this Kit for a big collection of "form letters," by the way. SOME of my Marketing Systems are "letter driven." But virtually EVERY possible media; every effective method of getting your "marketing message" out to your target markets is included in my Systems. My CONTRACTOR’S MAGICAL MARKETING TOOL BELT is a comprehensive, integrated package of help with marketing messages, target marketing, and every media and method.

The "Drive Up Tape"

CD #1 "walks" you through every page, every 'power document', every tool, every example in the Tool Belt. Sit down for about a half-hour at your desk or kitchen table, with the Tool Belt, listen to this first Tape, and you will understand everything in the kit, where it is, why it's there, how it is to be used. This way, you quickly set up your own "speedy drive through," so you can go back through the line, pick out the strategy and "tools" most relevant to your business right now, get those up and running, working for you, and then go back through the line and pick another system, etc.

Oh, and don't worry about the "how to eat an elephant problem" here -- the answer IS "one bite at a time." This Kit is NOT something you're going to zip through once, put on a shelf and never go back to. Not at all! It IS a true "tool belt" you'll keep going back to, time after time, and month after month. And each time you choose and put to work a System, a strategy, or tool, you will AGAIN simplify your business, strengthen your marketing and increase your income!

A "Crash Course" In Magical Marketing

CDs #2 and 3 give you a fast, crash course in these unusual, powerful marketing strategies. These unique recordings condense my answers to a full day of interviewing about all of my marketing's a total "brain drain".....and it's eminently listenable. I promise you: you're going to EAGERLY listen to these CD's over and over again, making new discoveries every time! If you have business associates, get them to listen to these 2 CDs, and they'll instantly have their minds opened to these new approaches.

Get Off To A Super-Fast Start ...

CD #4 is the "Fast Start Tape." Here, I focus only on a couple of the most powerful, easy to master, easy to implement Marketing Systems you can very quickly see great results from.

Hands-On, Personal Assistance:
A $400.00+ Consultation Value!

You get TWO "2nd Opinion Critique Certificates" -- each lets you send any one printed promotional item for your business to me for my personal feedback, by mail or FAX. You can send in an ad, letter, brochure, whatever. And staff does NOT do this; you get advice from me on what you've done well, what you haven't, and how to improve it. (By the way, a warning: I'm rather blunt. I may hurt your feelings. But I WILL improve what you're doing!)

As a coach, I frequently provide this 2nd Opinion Critique Service to many companies, entrepreneurs, even ad agencies, and charge $200.00 per Critique, so this IS a very real $400.00 value. However, it can certainly be worth a whole lot more to you.

An Incredibly Valuable Fast Action BONUS Offer:

I've also reserved these five "Bonuses" offered to the first 57 people who order through the Pre-Release Discount Offer and … you keep the "Bonuses" even if you choose to return everything else for a refund.

The five "Bonuses" are extremely powerful:

  1. Bonus Report: "How to Immediately INCREASE the Results From Your Yellow Pages, Coupon And Other 'Print' Advertising."
  2. Bonus Report: "How To Make HUGE Amounts of Money By FARMING Targets"
  3. Bonus CD: “How to Generate GREAT Marketing Campaigns and Ideas”
  4. Bonus CD: “How to SELL for MORE!”
  5. Bonus CD: “How to Generate REAL Leads with FREE Reports and White papers!”

By Now, I'll Bet You Are "Worrying"
About The Price ...

Most people guess we're into the $500.00 to $1,000.00 price range. Fortunately, we are not.

Since you took the time to respond to one of my messages, I’m prepared to offer you this material at the lowest price it will ever be available for… The price for everything included with my "Contractor’s Magical Marketing Tool Belt," is only $399.00.

There's Even A Remarkably Generous

Your Guarantee: You have TWO full months to examine everything, use what you wish, and, if for any reason or even no reason, you want a full refund, just return everything and you'll get your money back immediately. NO questions asked. You do not need a "my dog ate my homework story." No one will ask you any questions at all. No hassle. No "fine print." Simple and straightforward; you are thrilled with what you get in my Kit or you get a full refund. And, incidentally, I'm devoted to the goal of only having satisfied customers. If you're not going to profit from having my Kit, I really would prefer to buy it back.

Here's How To Get Your CONTRACTOR’S MAGICAL MARKETING TOOL BELT with ALL of the FREE Bonus Materials (This IS a limited offer. Act now!)

I have allocated only a certain, limited number of the Contractor’s Marketing Tool Belt Kits with the additional FREE Bonus Materials. As a result, I can only extend this invitation to the next 57 people who order this product. I need your response immediately! (After 57 people have ordered, this offer is void.)

  1. To order this kit on-line right now online with our Secure Server, ORDER TODAY! Remember: If you're not thrilled with the results, just send the course back within the two month period, pay nothing, and keep the 5 powerful bonus reports -- that's a better than risk free offer! We accept online payments via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and now also Paypal!
  2. To order by mail and reserve your pre-release Contractor’s Magical Marketing Tool Belt by order form in order to mail or fax your order with a check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or Paypal information, simply download this order form!.
  3. To order by phone immediately, call us at 888-559-4569 during our normal business hours. We will cheerfully place your order and reserve your Marketing Tool Belt Kit in your name.

I urge you to act on this opportunity today, right now, while it is fresh in your mind.

Best of Success in the Upcoming Business Year!
Henry Goudreau, C.S.L. hg




P.S. Remember that you have NO RISK whatsoever with my powerful DOUBLE GUARANTEE. If you don't profit from my Contractor’s Magical Marketing Tool Belt, simply return it for a no questions asked refund and keep the 5 valuable bonuses as a gift for trying my system. Order today!

P.P.S. An EXTRA BONUS! I'm also including FREE with your kit, my audio CD set “Destination Management.” This audio program explores the use of "subconscious programming," for a wide variety of applications, and provides tips for getting the real success you are looking for from your business and personal life. Listen and discover how to "implant" new, more productive, motivational ideas directly into your powerful subconscious mind (a $99 value yours FREE with your order).