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Employee Incentive Program Developed by a Contractor for Contractors!

Tired of employees not being as productive as you think they can? Treating your customers properly? Not taking a keen interest in workmanship, performance and profitability?

No matter what anyone else tells you, money is a key ingredient in motivating employees to higher performance levels. But how do you develop a program that stimulates high production levels with employees?

Our Employee Incentive Program does just that!

The key to incentive programs is to develop one that provides the following essential elements:

1. Drives employees to reach profit driven goals

2. Rewards employees for individual and outstanding performance

3. Does not lend itself to scrutiny by employees

4. Is completely foolproof

5. Stimulates employees to achieve higher performance

6. Provides employees with constructive feedback on the areas they need to improve

The problem with most incentive programs is that they end up being second guessed by employees. Instead of trying to reach company goals and objectives, the employee spends valuable time trying to calculate what he or she is going to get. This automatically renders an unsatisfied attitude that leads to disgruntled employees ( I learned this the hard way when I tried one of the many popular incentive programs that are on the market. My employees spent more time complaining that they should have received more money because of their calculations, not according to the programs!).

This does nothing more than to waste everyone's time and drives a wedge into your operations ability to reach successful performance levels.

What makes our program so unique and how does it work?

First, we must be furnished with your goals and expectations for the coming year. We calculate your ROI (Return on Overhead Investment). The program kicks in when certain levels are reached. The closer that the ROI is reached, the higher the percentage of money is contributed into the incentive program. If they exceed your planned ROI, the program automatically kicks in an additional amount for even more incentive. You don't start contributing until you have started to reach the upper limits of your business goals!

Second, we work with you in establishing a discretionary fund that you the owner can award to outstanding employees without upsetting the basic plan model.

Thirdly, we provide you with the the five key benchmarks that your employees must achieve, complete with a performance rating system that easily calculates their fair and deserving share of the plan, according to their evaluated performance and complete instructions on how to set up a judging committee. This award system is foolproof and performance driven.

Fourth, we provide you with a completely outlined plan, easy to understand, that guides you in managing the plan and directs your employees to achieving your ROI goals. All you have to do is follow the plan and implement it (we can't reveal much more without giving away the details of the plan).

The Five Key Benefits You 'll Receive with Our Incentive Program

1. Your employees will be focused on reaching your ROI goals

2. Your employees will concentrate on being "better" employees by improving their skills

3. Your employees will completely understand what they need to do to make it work

4. Your company goals, image and position in your marketplace will improve almost immediately

5. Your customers will rave about what great work and employees you have, creating tons of referrals

How to order

To order the program you can either order and pay in our Contractor's Market, using our secured server, or mail your business check to us. You will need to provide us with your anticipated business goals for the coming year. We will be contacting you, so please make sure we have your correct information. We will do all the rest. The cost for the plan is $3000. A small investment that will elevate your employees performance levels to new heights. Your financial reward will come back to you many times over when your employees are focused on reaching your business goals (or maybe exceeding them).

Example: Let's say you set a ROI of $50,000 for next year. With our incentive plan your employees bring in an additional 20% more profit, that is an additional $10,000 you didn't expect, in essence, you have increased your ROI goal by 120%. That works out to a return on your incentive program investment of more than 600%! PLUS you now own the incentive program at no additional cost to you for many more years to come, you continue to benefit.

To get yours, Click here!

The cost of $3000 for this plan may seem like a lot of money, but in the long run of the years you will own your business, this employee incentive program will provide you with a staggering financial return that you can't get now! Don't wait any longer, order your Employee Incentive Program from our secured server and get your employees on the road to achieving High Performance!


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Employee Incentive Program

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