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PLEASE READ FIRST: The information contained on this page is intended for contractors who are ready to get serious, to make a commitment, to move past the realm of the average or out of "contented mediocrity" or "quiet desperation" with their construction businesses and are ready to move to a higher level of strategic certainty. From our experience of working with thousands of contractors from all over this country, only about 2% of contractors in business today fit this elite group of successful "proactive" business managers. If you are not ready or willing to achieve more from your business and your employees, please go no further. 

“Where are you heading?”

So many contractors are so busy in this bursting at the seam economy that they actually believe it will last forever!

The truth is, it is fast coming to an end and 9 out of 10 contractors will suffer excruciating economic hardships that will set their businesses back years.

They will experience unnecessary grief and misery. Some will even perish from the face of the earth as a business entity when this booming economy changes.

Dreams will die and family members will suffer, because they, the contractors, failed to manage and plan their business properly.

Where Will You End Up?

As a contractor, are you dealing with the following on a day-to-day basis?

  • Do you find yourself wearing too many hats?
  • Is your business as profitable and as successful as you dreamed it would be?
  • Are you having collection and cash flow problems?
  • Are you having a problem getting your employees to do the work correctly?
  • Have you had some owner's who have burnt you on paying you for the work?
  • Are you having a problem balancing work and family?
  • Do you have a problem marketing your services?
  • Are you sick and tired of losing work to low-ball contractors?
  • Is business a roller coaster ride with all its ups and downs?
  • Do you have bank credit and supplier obstacles?
  • Will your business be worth anything when it is time to retire?

If you are experiencing any or all of these problems, you should take a moment right now and read this information!

As contractors, we need to have the work performed quickly, efficiently, and up to the owner's expectations.

In order to complete these tasks and grow our business at the same time, we need to administer our business by managing our people, equipment, resources and accounting, as well as, set realistic goals and plans for the future growth of our business.

However, here lies the problem. Contractors are not necessarily trained as business managers.

In fact, according to Dun and Bradstreet, who have kept records for over 60 years, contractors have the highest failure rate!


Because contractors lack the commanding skills of business and management.

Contractors do not fail because of a lack of good construction skills; they fail for lack of great business skills!

If I can show you how you can effectively develop sound business strategies that would, “outperform” the way you manage your business today, would you be interested?

If I could teach you not one or two – but numerous superior ways that you can grow your business would you, want to learn them?

If I could also teach you how to read your marketplace – like a book. How to develop sound strategies for marketing your business that will leave your competition in the dust, and how to build a superior dream team of employees that are driven to high performance.

Would it not instantly provide a positive impact for your business?

What improvement would take place in your business, if you knew the strategies and skills that will guide you into building a better, bigger, a more efficient streamlined organization?

One that produces profits with consistent results, wouldn't you want to be using these business building concepts instead of the method you are currently following?

Finally, if I gave you one full year of unlimited access to me by e-mail, phone, fax, regular mail, so I could work hand-in-hand with you, showing you tactically how to improve your business, in every process or system that would generate greater success not for just right now, but for all years to come, would you be interested?

Well, I'm about to make that proposition to you . . .

The Golden Hardhat “Private Roster” Mentor Program

This is a breakthrough.

This is a massive advance from the content and learning approach of every other live training program I have ever conducted.

If you have ever attended any of my seminars, you know that the content of my material is powerful.

Many of you want to implement the ideas, but the actual implementation seems overwhelming. That is understandable. You have never, in your lifetime, been able to possess and implement such powerful and sound business building ideas.

You are not sure of what to do or how to do it. Again, that is understandable since it is new to you. With this program, I will show you how to develop meaty, “no-nonsense,” “turnkey” ways to develop and implement these powerful business building applications.

In addition, I will be working with you, at your disposal, for the next twelve months to make sure you achieve your goals.

The Four Cornerstones

There are four important parts to your construction business. With this program you can become proficient in mastering all four. They are:

Goals and Vision:

The long-term success of your business and your employees lies in the development of strategic goals and a compelling vision.

Marketing and Selling:

Success in marketing comes from developing a marketing strategy and a workable plan. Learning how to sell your uniqueness in your marketplace, effective lead generation and qualification, advertising that pulls clients to you like a magnet, and closing the sale for the price and the profit you want.

Finance and Administration:

Building a business that becomes am investment for your future comes from intelligent budgeting and strategic planning. Increasing profits starts with a clear understanding of your numbers coupled with proper markups.

Controlling costs with control systems allows you to monitor, evaluate and control the process. You need effective project management systems along with getting the “right” return on your overhead investment.

It takes the right systems to make this work, and it means understanding and using them. You too can be like some of our members who are achieving profits in excess of 25%!

People and Productivity:

An organized structure linked to effective written job descriptions, clearly stating authority, accountability, responsibility are needed. Incentive programs, Employee manuals, Safety plans should be in place.

By mastering and implementing any of the above into your company you will automatically improve your business and bottom-line a small amount. However, become proficient in all and your business will “leapfrog” over your competition and business challenges.

The reality is this. To be successful in this industry, you must understand and be proficient in the skills of business.

If you refuse to take the time to master these skills, then you're setting yourself up for failure.

If you try to continue operating your business with the same old methods you have always used, you are still setting yourself up for failure. No one can grow and stay profitable by using outdated, worn out strategies.

Most of all, you can't afford to let your competition get the best of you.

Seven Key Benefits

By participating in this program with me as your personal business development consultant, you end up being the ultimate business building beneficiary in seven separate ways:

1. You will discover how to apply business building principles specifically, directly, and uniquely to your individual business situation.

2. You will get hard, detailed answers to virtually every question, challenge, issue or uncertainty you've ever had about how to “directly” use, apply, implement and prosper from each of my specific business building concepts.

3. You will be virtually guaranteed a massive and far more profitable and competitive construction business.

4. You will become an elite member of one of the most cutting-edge “think-tank” groups ever assembled. And through the groups combined work, you will be part of creating some of the most profound, meaningful and significant moneymaking, profit-building, business development breakthroughs of the next decade.

5. You will be networking with the highest caliber of “overachievers” and far-sighted, innovative-minded “doers” and “thinkers” in the construction community.

6. You'll get every thing in FOUR HUGE VOLUMES! This will include the full day seminar "How to Build BIGGER Profits In Your Construction Business" a three tape video set, numerous audio tapes in each volume, examples, outlines, forms and the complete financial/budgeting/tracking and projecting reports system in Microsoft 2000 Excel format. Your membership also comes with our newsletter "Profit Builders" a $179 value and a seminar in each issue -(priceless!).

7. You'll emerge from this experience a different, far more confident, smarter, astute, authoritative, agile-minded and thoroughly more professional contractor than you were when you began, and you'll have these concepts and proven systems finally working for you in your construction business.

No matter what level of progress or bottom-line results you have been able to achieve, on your own, with my materials or your own ideas from the past, that is only the ground floor! This program will catapult your performance level many times higher over the next twelve months. This is the ultimate business growth and development experience you may ever encounter.

It stands to reason...

In the past, you have listen to a speaker, read a book or listen to a tape series, or struggled on your own. Never have you had the unlimited use of the provider of that information to work along with you, to show you how and to help you properly implement the material.

This is a first, unlimited access to your very own business development consultant for one-full year!

The opportunity to implement these powerful business-building concepts, along with twelve months of unlimited access to the expert will only provide results that will be stunning!

The questions you have to ask yourself, now, are these: Do you really want to learn how to get maximum results with minimum risk, effort and cost, or are you half-hazardously content to be just “functioning” at the present uncertain level you are at now?

Would you be serious about learning how to optimize every profit and revenue activity in your enterprise?

On the other hand, is your present “status quo” perfectly acceptable to you?

How much more wealth, growth and prosperity do you really want to achieve, and how much less effort, risk, uncertainty and stress do you want to end up having?

Are you (or have you) unconsciously been limiting or restricting the possibilities of growth and profit, for you and your employees, because you're not effectively implementing the right systems and changes?

Only you know the true answers to each one of these questions. But – if you're not satisfied with your current level of success or results, this program can make a huge difference in improving your future bottom-line performance levels.

What You Get When YOU Join!

Four HUGE Volumes of every system, procedure, formula, process that you'll ever need to build a successful business that works for you. Each volume is overflowing with dynamic business building information.

Volume One - Goals & Vision. This overstuffed 3 inch three ring binder contains:

  • The videotape series on Building Bigger Profits!
  • Information packed audiocassette tapes for this volume!
  • The facts on "Why Contractors Fail"
  • How to Work the System - Detailed information and what steps you need to follow to succeed!
  • Past issues of the newsletter "Profit Builder"
  • How to Become a Great Goal Achiever - Complete with all the forms you need to determine your goals!
  • Building Team Goals - How to establish team goals and individual goals, complete with evaluation forms for each major function of your organization.
  • Team Goal Subjects - Includes all the forms for establishing team goal subjects.
  • How to Run Effective TOG Meetings - Team Objectives & Goals Meetings. I used this system to build a team that worked for me and now I'll show you how to make it work for you. Comes with the TOG Meeting Format Form!
  • Setting Business Goals - How to Define and achieve your business objectives.

Now lets talk about the next power packed volume:

Volume Two - Marketing & Selling. This information packed volume contains all the marketing information you need to easily develop a powerful marketing system. In it you'll find:

  • The Six Tape series on Marketing & Selling Magic!
  • Building a Marketing Plan with Laser Accuracy - Discover the key ingredient to the success of any construction business
  • Do You Send the Right Message? - We reveal the driving principles of a successful business and show you how to develop these powerful building blocks of success.
  • How to Strike Marketing Gold! - You can count on this section to provide you with the commanding ability to focus your prospective clients on content not pricing!
  • Target Marketing - Discover whom your best paying customers are and how to get them to come to you!
  • Niche Marketing - This section explains everything you need to know about niche markets, positioning, and why they're so profitable. Includes information on how you can cement your name in their brain!
  • How to Write Headlines that Attract Clients Like a Magnet! - Everything you need to know on how to make headlines work for you.
  • How to Write Great Copy! - Uncover all the tips for writing great copy, including developing your features into benefits and what words not to use!
  • How to Build Promotional Materials - This dynamic section details the difference in what makes good promotional material pull clients toward your business. Outlines everything you need to know to design great promotional pieces.
  • How to Put It All Together - Takes you through the steps of building your marketing budget. Includes the proper business logic examples. No more throwing marketing dollars away!
  • Three Steps to Selling - Three sections filled with all the information you need to close more deals. You'll learn how to qualify leads (comes with a typical lead qualification sheet), explains the secrets of the "Measure Call" (all the questions and procedures to uncover the "emotional" buying triggers of your prospective client) and the "Proposal Call" (the how and when to presenting your proposal and closing the deal. You'll never drop off a proposal again and go back home to wait for their decision!).

But that's not all we still got two more huge volumes to cover! Let's look at …

Volume Three - Finance & Administration. This section removes the mystery and really targets your efforts into making more money. It contains …

  • A computer disc containing all the financial spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel 2000!
  • Six tape audio series explaining all the intricate details of this powerful money building section.
  • How to Develop Accurate Budgets and Forecasts - All the information you need to get your business on the high road of profitability. Spreadsheets are including on the disc!
  • How to Determine Markup and Profit - Explains what you need to do to get what you want. You'll see it jump out at you as you plug in your numbers!
  • How to Understand and Define Your Profit & Loss Statement - This section shows you the inside secrets to reading and quickly understanding your P & L Statement. Something your accountant would prefer you couldn't do!
  • How to Develop and Use the Job Characteristics Report - Zero in on your most profitable work with this information. This section details how to do it and a typical spreadsheet is included on the computer disc!
  • Understanding and Using Profit Building Bidding Procedures - How to accurately bid, includes Labor Cost Analysis Report on computer disc and the detailed outline for setting up a profit building Project Operations Manual!
  • The Work In Progress Report -- Learn how your projects are really doing financially! Detailed form included in this section and the spreadsheet analysis report is included on the computer disc!
  • Cash Flow Management & Strategies - Discover how to control the cash coming in and going out of your business. No more living draw-to-draw. Includes cash flow analysis report and individual job cash flow reports on computer disc.
  • Backlog and Bidding Report - Survivability is the key and this section tells you when you need to get more work in the works. Includes Backlog and Bidding report spreadsheet on computer disc that tells you your survival time!
  • Business Financial Ratios - This section explains what financial ratios are, how to use them, and more important what they mean!
  • Strategic Business Planning - Learn how to put it all together and develop your strategic business plan that works for you. Includes all of the key planning statistics and examples of how to apply them. Determine the effect before you suffer the consequences. Includes detailed example plan to follow.
  • Contracts and Change Orders - All the information you need about contracts and change orders, plus the detail information on how build a system that positions your business on the high-ground!

And now for the final volume that gives you an advantage because it addresses …

Volume Four - People & Productivity. This is where the profit is made. You'll learn how to "leverage" your employees and get them to do it the way you want! This information packed volume includes:

  • Information packed audiocassettes detailing the how to turn your employees into High-Performers!
  • Organizational Structure - Learn the proper division of labor and how structure your business organization on the three levels by function. Perform this exercise and discover what part of your organization is robbing you of your precious time!
  • Definition of Titles and Function - List all the titles and functions for each level and task.
  • Written Job Descriptions - You'll learn how to write an effective written job description that tells your people the who, what, when, and how of what you want from them. Includes examples of written job descriptions for virtually every title!
  • Distribution of Time Management - Do you have too many people on your payroll? This sections details how to determine your correct needs!
  • Employee Manuals - How to develop your own employee manual. Includes a complete outline that makes it easy for you to build yours!
  • Incentive Programs - Discover the key elements of an effective incentive program. Includes the rules for developing your plan, what criteria you need to make it work, how to make it coincide with your profit goals and complete examples of the intended R.O.I., Bonus Pool, and Bonus Distribution Plan.
  • Rewards and Recognition - Keep your people motivated for achieving high performance by building a recognition and reward system into your business plan. Details the objectives and includes detailed examples.
  • OSHA Proof Your Business! - Don't get caught without this information on setting up an approved OHSA Safety and Health Plan --- the fines will kill your profit goals! Includes complete outline for developing your Safety Plan and how to implement it properly.

If you're sick and tired of doing it, doing it and doing it, fed up with the frustrations and headaches of running your construction business by the seat of your pants, want to stop your business from consuming your life, then this program will show you how to develop and put into place the systems of a successful construction business and give you the freedom of advantage.

"4 Real Life Examples Why This Program Will Be A Rewarding Experience That Will Not Only Change Your Business For the Better … It'll Change Your Life."

By getting into this program, right now, and working the program, you can achieve the incredible results that these Golden Hardhat Members achieved: ?

  • A northeast contractor increased profits 247%!
  • A Midwest contractor turned a $200,000 losing business into a $150,000 profitable business within six months!
  • A Design-Build contractor plugged an $86,950 leak in his change order system and cut his overhead by $14,000 per month, increasing profits $254,950!
  • An electrical contractor never made as much profit as he is making right now using this program's budgeting and planning system!

Yes, as a business development consultant specializing in contractors, Henry does understand THIS business. He has made it work for himself and for many others, just like you! AND, he is the ONLY RESOURCE for this business development information. Nowhere else can you get all of this powerful business building information. You can effectively use this system to eliminate the Major Problem Areas and Your Biggest Headaches in your business.

How the program will work

Complete my questionnaire by clicking here , contact me by e-mailing me at or call me at 941-377-1254. There will be no pressure whatsoever. We will talk and discuss your needs and I will explain to you how this program will help you.

If you elect to join your payment will secure your participation in this powerful business development program (this is a limited number of participant offering and payment guarantees your participation). Upon receipt of payment, you and I will discuss by phone your business goals and objectives.

We begin by studying your business objectives, your core competencies, and your goals. We then establish our mentoring goals and timetable.

Some people will call me daily, some weekly, and some monthly. Some will come to Sarasota and visit with me, some will not. The frequency and style are up to you.

In case you haven't noticed,

The economy is changing and it's not for the better. Will your business survive? Will you suffer severe financial pain? Will you and your business suffer a major setback because you don't possess the business building skills and knowledge thisprogram will give you?

Don't you want to preserve what you've worked so hard to build up in the last years of a booming economy?

If you do then ...

Complete my questionnaire by clicking here and lets get started. I will contact you within 24 hours to discuss how I will help you improve your business. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Ready to join?

You will receive all of the above materials I've previously mentioned. You will have unlimited access to me by phone, e-mail, fax, snail mail or your personal visit to me here in Sarasota for one-full year from the date we start.

You may call a “time-out” at any point, at which time we will stop the calendar until your ready to begin again. I'm notoriously lax about the twelve months and readily provide grace periods to take care of any loose ends.

This is the most powerful, business building development program ever developed.

And the cost?

The Golden Hardhat program really costs you nothing! The program is an investment, not a cost. Your initial investment is nothing in comparison as to how much the Golden Hardhat program will help you, and your employees make your business more profitable.

This investment for others has been quickly recovered almost immediately, some on the very first day of joining. It is actually cheaper than hiring a private consultant. As a matter of fact, it's so reasonable for what you get, you can't go wrong!

The bottom-line is this.

The Golden Hardhat "Private Roster" Mentoring Program is an investment in your future. One that will pay you back a hefty return for years to come in comparison to the small investment you will make in this program.

Find out yourself by completing my questionnaire and talking with me. Click here for my questionnaire.

My Incredible Ironclad Money Back Guarantee!

I'm so confident that you're business will approve with this program that I am offering you our conditional money back guarantee.

If you implement what you learn in this program, and your business does not improve one percent, you will qualify for your money back. All you have to do is demonstrate to me that you have done it all and it didn't improve your business one single percent.

Every member of this program --- with no exceptions --- everyone who has utilized the knowledge that this program has to offer, has succeeded. The only way you cannot succeed is by not doing it!

Find me another business development consultant who takes all of the risk out of doing business with him ... they don't exist!

This is a limited membership program ... first come, first served ... don't miss out on becoming an exclusive member of this dynamic business building program and discovering how to build a business that works for you! Complete the questionnaire by clicking here!

A Completely All New, Totally Different Approach

As a business development consultant and mentor, my goal is to take my business development principles and move them far and away out of the realm of generalities, and into the field of highly specific, direct application for you when you sign up for this program. I can promise you will be richly rewarded for years to come for your participation.

By discovering dozens and dozens of fresh new business building concepts you can directly apply to your construction business, replacing all those under-performing activities you may be currently depending on – your results can't help but improve dramatically.

If you are ready to get serious, to make a commitment, to move past the realm of the average or out of “contented mediocrity” or “quiet desperation,” and to move to a higher level of strategic certainty!

Look at your competition that surrounds you . . .

The majority of contractors today, actually about 98% of all contractors, are ineffective business managers! They don't understand their own business, how read their marketplace, how to build bigger profits, how to generate qualified leads, how to sell more work at higher prices.

Nor do they know how to build high performance profit-driven employees and how to develop strategies for continue business success. They exist day-by-day because they don't possess successful business building skills and strategies. For them, the future is a galaxy of uncertainty.

This is especially true in a booming economy. They actually believe that they're doing great because of their ineffective, or lack of, good business skills. The truth is, they will be the first to fall flat on their faces when the economy turns sour.

Everyone imagines the future – The smart actually create it! The concept is simple. To separate yourself from your competition, to have a performance driven business that consistently brings home the bacon, you have to make it happen.

That means you have to develop and implement strategies, systems and plans that work. Timing is critical. There is no room for anything less. There is no better time than now to do it. I want you and your business to be the unquestionable envy of your competition.

That is why I have taken this unprecedented approach, incomparably different from that of any other seminar leader you have ever known.

It is not me standing in front giving a lecture. It will be me guiding you, coaching you, showing you how to correctly implement, understand, develop and master the great game of business.

Lets get started, complete my questionnaire by clicking here and I'll contact you.

Food for thought

If you become a part of this incredible business building program, and your business grows just 20% a year it will become six times as big ten years from now. With a 25% growth rate, it will be nine times as big. Reach for whatever levels you want – and I’ll be with you every step of the way, at a tiny fraction of my usual fees. Do not procrastinate. The program is accepting a limited number of new members. You must take action now by completing my questionnaire by clicking here! If you do not lock in your participation immediately, you may loose out altogether by not acting now.

You have before you, right now; the opportunity to become a part of the most extraordinary networking, masterminding elite business building group for contractors that has ever been created. Your participation will allow you to master the skills firsthand, from the expert, that will maximize your business growth and success for years to come.

Your true friend, mentor, business coach and lifelong advisor,

Henry A. Goudreau, C.S.L.
Business Development Consultant

PS: Have you ever wished that you had at your disposal a mentor or coach to guide you and to motivate you. To bounce ideas off of, or to show you how to do it correctly?

Wouldn't such a coach dramatically improve your business and your life, providing you with the prosperity, the control, and the business advantage you've always been after? This is it. This is the opportunity to make it come together, and for such an insignificant amount of money, that it would be foolish not to take advantage of this opportunity.

PPS: Don't delay, enroll right by completing my questionnaire by clicking here now so you can become a part of this elite group of special people that I will work with – personally – over the next 12 months. Enrollment is limited so do not wait – join us today!

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