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If you have ANY passion to succeed in your construction business whatsoever ...

then I know deep down you have a clear vision of what your construction business could be and should be. When you close your eyes and let your imagination roam free, you can …

See yourself suddenly making more money than any of your competitors in your area ...

See yourself having more cash in your checking account that is growing every day …

See yourself living your life on your terms with plenty of free time and less stress with your family and friends…

See yourself being a well respected business owner because of your outstanding success with your business …

See yourself doing whatever you choose, whenever you choose …

All while your construction business is running on auto pilot … making you bigger profits … each and every day!

In short owning a business that works for you!

Is this a fantasy? For some it is, especially if you don’t know the process to make it happen. And it can happen and very quickly when you do know how to make it work. But chances are this type of business and financial success has eluded you until now. Why??? Because …

You need to answer these questions:

Are you fed up, ticked off and dead tired of not making enough money in your construction business and not having a business that works for you in spite of everything you do … and do you want to FINALLY discover the success secrets that the really successful contractors are using and have been for years?

Here is the reason ...

Over the last ten years, over 4,000 owners of contracting businesses have grabbed Henry’s business building ideas and USED them to improve their businesses. And HUNDREDS have flocked to our “Crunch the Numbers!” Boot Camp, many returning year after year! Why?

Because, as you know, there’s nothing that can compare with spending three whole days working with the #1 Business Building Resource for Contractors, having him take you through every complete process, handing over to you the very pieces of the puzzle that you are missing, ones that will show how to build bigger profits and a business that works for you …

PLUS … getting together “live” and in person with contractors from all around the United States who are making their business a success using this powerful business building information … most of them are positive and progressive-minded, and “in-tune” with Henry’s System … and sharing with you their problems, solutions, discoveries and breakthroughs!

On the other hand, every year there are attendees who are skeptical, and wonder if they should have invested the time and money to come to the Boot Camp. However, within the first hour their mindsets totally shift as they realize all the promises of success in their business is not “hype” … it’s REAL and completely do-able. Heck, Henry even GUARANTEES it … I’ll tell you about this in a minute.

But first, let me tell you the “Crunch the Numbers” Business Building Boot Camp truly is a one-of-a-kind event that you’ve got to experience for yourself. You’ll be surrounded by successful contractors and you’ll have the rare opportunity to see the different ways that others have used this powerful business building information to build bigger profits, a better business and a better lifestyle.

The Boot Camp experience is kind of hard for me to put into words. Past attendees describe it better than I can, so you should read, listen & watch the testimonials we have on this web site.

It’s truly exciting and motivating to hear what they have to say. Your eyes will widen with amazement when you see that …

Last year Michael Fortenberry of Littlefield, TX won our “Best of the Best” Contest for his efforts. Here is what he did.

Mike had his roofing business for the last ten years. However, he had lost money for the last 9 years! He was at his wit’s end. With the last available credit he owned he came to the Boot Camp in 2003. After attending, he realized that the information he received and the program that was available to him was the ONLY way he could ever turn his business around.

A year later he returns. He had paid off ALL of his outstanding debt, paid himself a handsome salary and still had OVER $150,000 in his bank account! All on sales of $1,000,000.00, the average contractor can’t even come close to that level of financial success! But YOU can if you attend this Boot Camp and capture this information for yourself.

This might sound unbelievable right now, but just wait until you meet and hear him tell you how he did it at the Boot Camp on December 1, 2, & 3, 2005, at the beautiful Lido Beach Resort in Sarasota, Florida! (That’s on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.) You’ll soon discover that we are actually being conservative.

Amazing “How I Did It” Opportunities With Other Successful Contractors

Eager To Share Their “Business Growth” Secrets …

One of the most “strategic by products” of these Boot Camps has been the sharing of “what works” and “how I did it” with his followers and the attendees. Henry has specifically structured this way so that those who are not utilizing his methods can hear from others who are. There is no other place in the world where you find so many contractors … successful contractors … all under the same roof! In fact, most of them bring their significant others and key staff personnel.

And each year, attendees tell us how much they NEEDED to get away from their office and finally work on their business! It is here you can get away from your constant flow of interruptions and immerse yourself into a pool of success overflowing with positive contractors who are doing incredible things with their businesses … AND … sharing it with YOU! The only way you can not walk away with a briefcase bulging with new ideas that will immensely improve your business is by not attending!

You are also invited to Henry’s “Welcoming Party” on Wednesday evening on the 8 th floor of the hotel, Here you’ll spend a couple of hours meeting everyone and getting acquainted. Then, each and every day, weather permitting, we have outdoor lunches at round tables so you can network, probe and/or ask questions to Henry, his staff or the other attendees.

These “jam sessions” are great for making contacts and … new friends, and are usually buzzing with electricity and excitement, and you find yourself up to the wee hours of the night … deeply involved in one of these business building ideas and conversations, unable to sleep because you’re so excited!

Your new found enthusiasm for your business will be “off the chart” with all the powerful ideas and strategies you’ll be grabbing at this event and … that you’ll be able to implement into your business immediately, as soon as you get back to your business!

Seriously … what you’re going to discover at this event will give your business the “shot-in-the-arm” it needs … to lead you down the road towards financial independence and start fattening your bank account almost immediately!

But Even More …

… You’ll Go Home With Your 2006 Business Plan In Your Hand!

That’s right, you’ll spend three whole days with Henry not only showing how to do it but working with you so you can put it all together for yourself! The minute you sign up, we will send you your Pre-Boot Camp Packet. This will come to you via FedEx. It will contain our “Pre-Boot Camp CD” highlighting all the information you’ll be getting and that which you’ll need to bring with you. You’ll also get the hotel information, including the “Special” negotiated date limited rates, boot camp agenda and a written outline of what you’ll need to bring.

But MOST IMPORTANT of all, once you’ve come to the Boot Camp, you’ll not only get to meet the greatest contractors in the world, but you’ll walk away … in writing … with your numbers … your exact blueprint that will punch down the roadblocks that have been holding you back so far. As a matter of fact …

This alone … more than justifies … the entire admission price!

But that’s just one of the HIGHLIGHTS about coming to this year’s Business Building Boot Camp.

There’s a LOT more you’re going to get at our 5 th Annual Boot Camp extravaganza … such as …


If you really want the “inside scoop” on the shortcuts to building a better construction business … RAPIDLY! … because we’re talking about doubling your Net Profits, maybe even … TRIPLING them or more, just like these contractors did! Then … if that is what you want for your business … these “SUCCESS CASE STUDIES” will be just what you need and will be far greater value to you than the investment of the admission price!

You’ll be introduced to several of Henry’s highly successful “Top Gun” and “Street Smart Contractors” Golden Hard Hat Mentoring Members. You’ll hear them and watch them show you EXACTLY how they implemented Henry’s valuable money-making processes and the results they achieved with them. You’ll be able to “grill” them and ask them whatever questions you need answered so you can do the same with your business! Many of these Golden Hard Hat Mentoring Members have made miraculous transformations in their businesses and experienced HUGE profit margins and amazing business turnarounds.

Imagine having these “cookie-cutter” strategies revealed to you so you can put an end to your business building frustrations. Again, the return on just this one segment will far exceed the cost of your admission to this “once-in-a-year” business building event. Think about it … when you get here, you’ll be sitting in a beautiful ballroom, in a beautiful resort, right on the beach … here in beautiful Sarasota, Florida … and right away … you’ll be astonished at how much incredible business building information will be handed over to you on a silver platter!

“This Stuff Is PURE Genius!”

But It Doesn’t Stop Here!

 You’ll Get To Hear Even MORE Vitally Important Information From Our Guest Speakers, Too! That’s right; Henry has pull out all of the stops for this year’s dynamic event. He wants you to have the really important information, actually the …. extremely essential information that you must have to properly

grow your business and build the wealth you need for yourself!

Let’s start with …

Howard Burke :

 Howard has helped hundreds of contractors secure their financial futures by implementing sound strategies for legally “stashing away” some of their profits in order to finish rich. That’s right “RICH!” Henry will show you how to make it and Howard will show you how to put it aside without paying all those nasty taxes and things that rob you of your own hard earned money! He’ll take you through the processes of how to line your pockets “legally” with more cash and all of the instruments you can use to do it with. Howard has an accomplished record of over 13 years as a financial planner. He will be revealing the importance of accurate assessment and understanding and the many ways you can build a solid financial future with your business.

But it doesn’t stop there …

He’ll also reveal to you such wealth building information as:

Critical business succession questions
Three methods of business evaluation
Keeping ownership in the family
Selling to an outside interest
Retirement issues and business continuation
Building a sound business continuation plan
Buy-Sell agreements
Buyout funding
Successor Corporations
And a lot more!

Pam Martin:

Pam has worked for the last 25 years in the construction accounting field. She understands the “inner workings” of the accounting aspect from working inside one herself. She will take the time to put under everybody’s nose the exact workings of the WIP (Work In Place) Spreadsheet. Pam will detail how you can easily discover the exact status of each and every project you have on your books. No more guessing if you have Sales or Costs In Excess Of Earnings. You’ll discover how you can simply use the WIP Spreadsheet to uncover the true performance of ALL of your projects in progress!

And Henry Goudreau, of course will be headlining the show with the exact profit building strategies that will leapfrog your business into bigger profit margins almost overnight!

This will be all updated, tweaked, improved, fully detailed and explained so you can readily take them home and use. PLUS: some new, hot, quietly tested (by our Golden Hard Hat Members) RADICALLY DIFFERENT profit building explosive strategies NEVER covered anywhere else or in any of our other programs! This information will be “rolled out” for you … right here at the Boot Camp, for the very first time!

But don’t forget!

You’ll also be hearing from some of Henry’s top “Students” … some of the most successful contractors in the world, speaking from the stage, doing generous “show and tell” so you can listen in and capture for your own use their very own methods, ideas and strategies … actually … up and until now … their most heavily guarded money-making and business building secrets … and apply them to your business. What else?

There’s actually a LOT more you’re going to get at this new Business Building Boot Camp … but we still have to “iron out” all the details. I wanted to get to you this “Early Bird Announcement” that gives you a quick overview. I’d like to pause and tell you about the logistics of the Boot Camp.

First of all, we are going to hold the seminar on December 1, 2, and 3, 2005. That’s on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Your Boot Camp experience will start off with a “Welcome” Cocktail Party on Wednesday evening from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM. The Boot Camp will start on Thursday, December 1, 2005 at 9:00 AM sharp! It will run until 5:00 PM on Thursday and Friday and convene on Saturday afternoon around 3:00 PM (you can make your travel arrangements around that time if you so desire).

The Boot Camp will be held at the amazingly beautiful Lido Beach Resort on Lido Key in Sarasota, Florida. (We’ll send you exact details, after you register) But relax, even though this is a RESORT right smack on the world’s most beautiful beach facing the Gulf of Mexico, the hotel room isn’t going to cost you an arm-and-a-leg, in fact, we’ve negotiated an awesome discounted room rate (compared to their normal rate it is heavily discounted!).

December 1, 2, and 3, 2005. Take a look at your calendar and mark those dates off right now. Now you may be saying to yourself, “That’s three months away, why should I register now?” believe me, this event is limited and the seats will be selling fast. If you wait too long to reserve your seats, you will lose out! But just in case you are a procrastinator, let me reveal some excellent reasons why you must register today.

First of all, you should know up front that you aren’t risking a dime. As I mentioned before, Henry believes so much in this event and how it will immensely improve your business, that he has removed all the risk with his guarantee.

You may be thinking that it is difficult to leave your construction compnay for three days in a row. (But it shouldn’t be! That’s why you started your own business, isn’t it? So you could have the FREEDOM to work and live as you choose? To leave your business without worry so you can learn how to make it even better? And if you can’t leave now, when will you ever be able to leave … probably never!)

Imagine having a well oiled, well run business that gave you the financial freedom and freedom of lifestyle you so duly deserve … without you having to be there every single moment! Well, Henry is the one … the only one … who can show you how to build that business, the business that works for you! All you have to do is attend this Boot Camp.

You may also be worried about spending the investment in order to improve your business. Maybe you’re even skeptical about being that “old dog learning new tricks?” I understand … but without this information, you’ll always be that old dog working frantically just trying to stay alive, is that want you want for yourself and your family? I doubt it!

Next, this Boot Camp is totally different from anything else you’ve ever experienced! You can’t even compare this to anything else since nothing like it exists. Besides, Henry is the only resource with these proven strategies! You can’t get anything of this higher caliber anywhere from anyone else!!!

With all this in mind, Henry is going to offer you an UNHEARD OF GUARANTEE in order to make this a “no-brainer” decision for you:


If, at the end of the first morning session, prior to breaking for lunch, you are unhappy with dynamic content of this Boot Camp and you don’t think staying the remainder of the time will give you a ton of great business building ideas, and will yield you an additional $40,000 or more to your bottom-line in the next 12 months or sooner … and you feel disappointed about attending, you can choose not to complete the Boot Camp, leave (with your staff, of course) by telling Henry’s people at the registration table, depart the hotel, we will part as friends and Henry will REFUND YOUR ENTIRE REGISTRATION FEE!


To remove even more of your risk from attending this Boot Camp, Henry will add an additional $500 (per company) to the registration refund as a payment towards your travel costs. That’s right you’ll get more than your fee back!!!

In short, I dare you … no, no, no, I flat out-out double-dog dare you to come to this year’s Business Building Boot Camp and not wind up feeling guilty about paying so little for so much business building information that will immediately and immensely come back to you in multitudes!

I mean it, I dare you!


Each year we have seen the numbers of contractors who attend this Boot Camp grow by leaps and bounds. Most are return attendees who have already reserved their seats! And … we are limited by the number we can put into the room. This year I expect to sell out quickly as we are expecting an even greater number of contractors than last year! So with that in mind …


 Plus, the Boot Camp will fill up quickly. You need to make a decision to REGISTER TODAY!

In reality, with Henry’s RADICAL “UNHEARD OF” TWO GUARANTEES, and the fact you will return home with a suitcase bulging with new ideas, strategies and ways to immediately improve your business and your life, this Boot Camp is an investment that can make you a ton of money!

Let me show you what I mean.

Let’s say you go out and spend $40,000 on a new pickup for yourself. Even with today’s low interest rates plus sales tax, title and fees, you’ll spend around $48,000 for that truck. Drive it out the lot and you IMMEDIATELY lose another $5000! That means you’re in the hole for around $53,000.00!!!

Now, drive around the block and tell the dealer you don’t like the truck and you want your money back … in full! Sure, in your dreams you’ll get your money back. A pickup truck is a DEPRECIATING item, you automatically lose money the minute you buy it and … it is NOT a money-making item. PERIOD!

But … Could You Use An Extra $40,000 In Your Pocket Next Year?

(If you’re not sure, try asking your spouse and see what she tells you!)

In past years we’ve monitored a randomly selected group of attendees and … have tracked the increases this Boot Camp has created for them. We’ve also logged numerous testimonials from attendees on what has happened to their Construction businesses after attending.

Averaged all together, attending the boot camps has given these Contractors an additional PROFIT of at least $40,000.00. The truth is ... my average Golden Hard Hat member is pulling into their bottom-line over 300% more Net Profits than those who are not attending and using Henry’s information. That amounts to over $200,000.00!

So the reality is this, it will cost you $40,000.00 or more if you don’t attend this Boot Camp!


Remember, chances are this seminar will not “cost” you a cent, IF you take everything home that we will hand to you on a silver platter and implement it into your business.

But it is much better than that, since Henry believes in over delivering. The regular price for the Boot Camp is only $1697 for the first person and additional people for only $497 each. Frankly, even at the full registration fee, that works out to only $4.82 a day! You probably spend more than that on lunch! But what about the return … well … you would still be ahead of the game by over $108.82 a day … IN YOUR POCKET!

So …

The real number you should focus on is the $40,000.00. Since that’s the average reported net gain, that means you will get a return on investment of approximately 400% WHAT OTHER INVESTMENT IN YOUR BUSINESS GIVES YOU SUCH A MASSIVE 400% ROI FOR YOUR EFFORTS?


If you register on or before October 15, 2005, you’ll get the Early Bird Special and save $400.00! YOU PAY ONLY $1297 for the first person! (Heck, that’s only $2.26 a day, about the cost of a gallon of gas) That’s even less than the price of a Latte at Starbucks! In fact, if you do the math, you’ll see that it is truly “chump change” for the BEST investment you’ll ever make in improving your business and building bigger profits.

Here’s the deal. Right now, this is what’s known as THE EARLY BIRD SPECIAL REGISTRATION PERIOD.

Once again, the normal cost to attend this Boot Camp is $1697.00, BUT IF YOU ACT NOW DURING THE EARLY BIRD SPECIAL REGISTRATION PERIOD, your investment to attend is only $1297! Which means: You save $400!

 Why? Because we want to reward you for being smart and decisive and registering NOW!

(AND … if you don’t attend you’ll be losing out on the opportunity to build a business that works for you and to put that $40,000.00+ in your pocket in the next year. It’ll actually COST YOU A LOT MORE MONEY to stay home and miss the Boot Camp!)

Are you willing to invest (on a totally risk free, 100% plus money back guarantee) a mere $2.26 cents a day to get an average return of $40,000 or more in the next year? I HOPE SO!


If you have to wait, you’ll have to pay more since we will strictly enforce the November 1, 2005 deadline. (It’s the lowest Henry is willing to go for a three day business building Boot Camp complete with breakfast and lunch each day!

After November 1, 2005, pricing WILL GO UP! If you want to SAVE $400 and earn an extra $40,000 or more next year, REGISTER RIGHT NOW!

 By the way, if you’re an Alumni (meaning you attended a Boot Camp previously, I’ll deduct an additional $250 off of the registration fee and allow you to bring your other staff members for the low price of $400 each). Plus, if you like, you can break up your registration fee into three monthly installments.

What to do now!

Click Here & fill out and complete the Registration Form anytime, day or night. If you are paying by check, I URGE you to use FedEx, not mail; and rush it to me at the address listed on the form if you prefer calling, simply pick up the phone, during normal business hours, and call us at 1-888-559-4569 and speak with Amanda.


I look forward to seeing you in Sarasota, (Voted one of the best beaches with the whitest sand!) on December 1, 2, & 3, 2005.

Your decision to attend will catapult you light-years beyond your competition. Nine out of Ten contractors (your competition!) don’t know these strategies and secrets to building BIGGER profits you’ll be exposed too! Just imagine the unfair advantage you’ll have over your competition when you put these strategies to work!

Imagine how awesome you’ll feel, how respected you’ll be viewed by your peers and heck, even by your competition when your construction business transform from an OK business into a cash flow machine! Better yet, you’ll need to prepare yourself for these windfall profits and this seminar will show you how!!!

As Napoleon Hill wrote: “when riches come, they start to come so fast … so furious, that you’ll wonder where they’ve been hiding through all of your lean years.” Attend this Boot Camp and you’ll experience this difference!

Get ready to come into contact with the most comprehensive, exciting business building 3 days of your business life. Give us a call at 1-888-559-4569 to reserve one of the limited seats. It’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made. To Register on-line CLICK HERE

Remember, a single idea … even a stray one … flying around the room from the other participants could propel your business, answer that one obscured, plaguing question that has been haunting you for years. You could easily find the super highway that will take your business where you want it to go, almost overnight! No one but Henry Goudreau could possibly assemble such an incredible business building packed event such as this. The value you’ll receive will exceed your Boot Camp investment. AND … it comes GUARANTEED!

You do NOT want to MISS out on attending this business building information packed Opportunity!

Okay, I’ve done my part. The ball’s in your court. Are you ready to grow your business successfully?


Heath Goudreau

P.S. Remember additional people from your business are only $497 each! The content of this Boot Camp is so powerful you’ll want to have the important team members of your business there with you.

P.P.S. WARNING: October 15th is the Drop Dead Date for this incredible discount. Pricing WILL go up after the 15th! Do yourself a HUGE business favor and sign up today!

P.P.P.S. After you sign up for the Boot Camp, you’ll get our information packed Pre-Boot Camp Packet by Priority Mail be on the look out for it! It will contain all the information you’ll need to make your hotel reservations and what to bring and expect at the Boot Camp.

Remember, Limited Seating, First Come, First Served! Register Today!!!

 To Register CLICK HERE or …

Call 1-888-559-4569 TODAY !

 About Henry Goudreau

 Turning contractors who dream of owning a successful business into business managers who make a business successful is what defines Henry Goudreau. He is the author of several self-study business development courses for contractors, the book “How to Market & Sell Your Construction Services Like Magic!” He speaks nationally for such organizations as NAHB, AGC, NFBA, ABC, NGA and others. The magazine “Commercial Builder” recognized him as leading resource for business development for contractors. Henry works with thousands of contractors from all around the United States and Canada. And even more important, he will make this Boot Camp session a high impact learning experience that is jammed-packed with real-world solutions and insights for your business needs. Information that you can put to use immediately!




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