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I have been working with him for 4+ years and thanks to his help my business is on the right track!"

Sam Sasser
S.E. Sasser

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"When I first met Henry my business was about to shut it's doors for good! After working with him I turned my net profit around 13% in the first year...paid of all my debt AND put money in my personal savings account after making more in that year then i had in the last 10! Thanks Henry!"

Mike Fortenberry
Fortenberry Roofing


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"Imagine picking up your entire business and putting it in a whole new market place and turning a profit in the 1st quarter...I DID just that by following Henry's Systems! Now my business is my vehicle to success as it has won numerous awards and enabled me to live the lifestyle I always dreamed of!!!"

David Bengston
Lighthouse Construction

"Your system is AMAZING! I never kept track of anything...I just assumed I was making money! Now with what you taught me I can't wait to start my new year! I have been a member of CCN and felt that all I was to them was a number and I was looking for something else! That is when I found YOU! Henry, your Boot Camp was one of the best boot camps I have been to in a long time! I wanted to let you know that I was truly touched by your boot camp and I look forward to working with you and your son in the upcoming year! See you at the next boot camp!"

Charles Choate
Advace Contracting


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Most contractors don't reach the ultimate success and freedom of owning their own business for one or more of the following reasons because they're:

The number one reason ANY contractor fails with his or her business is because they are out-of-touch with the right business skills that drive a business to success.

I see contractors who thought they were doing good in great economic times (such as right now) finish the year with pathetic profit margins of 2, 4, or 6%. They actually believe that they're doing great, but they'll be the first to "go down the tubes" when cash flow dries up or the economy slows down.

I see contractors teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and don't even know it!


I see contractors who think they're doing great but don't realize how much better they could be doing, if they just learned how to apply the systems and processes that drive a successful construction business.

I see contractors who will work hard all their life for nothing more than a paycheck and ending up liquidating their business for pennies on the dollar or end up closing the doors because it has no value to anyone else.

You may disagree and say, "Not my business", especially if you've had some success in this construction boom. But read this excerpt from a recent article that appeared in NAHB's December eNewsletter.

"Our economy is changing faster than before ... people in the construction industry are asking themselves why they didn't see it coming ... Loose operating processes are the death knell for contractors ... use this time to improve your processes and systems ... that means not doing everything the way you have always done it."

This changing economy calls for "proactive" action. New ideas and strategies that will show you the right systems, processes, and changes that will make your business a survivor in this down economy.

You may not like to hear it, you may even think you're a great business manager, but I bet you're suffering with at least one or more of the reasons I listed above.

Really, What About You?

Are you suffering with one or more of them? That's a pretty tough way to make a living And not a very clever one. You've got your entire life and business at great risk.

Because if the shoe fits, then ...

You've got some important business skills ... no, make that critical business skills ... to learn before your business can begin to deliver to you the life you deserve.

And ...

Despite what you might think about your business-building skills, you're probably miles away from real financial freedom --- and you'll remain hopelessly off course until you recognize and fully acknowledge this simple fact:

Contractors fail for a lack of good business skills!

Building a successful business that works for you and makes your dreams a reality is a skill. And skills require discipline, knowledge, precise systems, proven processes, and a highly defined, laser accurate strategy.


Because turnkey systems and proven processes remove the uncertainty from your business. They guide your business through any kind of economic storm.

This is why ...

YOU need these results-oriented systems. They RUN your business for peak performance.

This is also why ...

YOU need a Strategic Business Plan that runs deep, covers all the bases, and doesn't require 40 hours a week to operate it!

And finally ...

You and your business vitally need these proven procedures ... NOW ... because the economy won't wait!

Look: From where I stand, here is what really counts about owning your own business.

It's not about working 60 or more hours a week.

It's not about giving up your personal and family life. Never enjoying and watching your family grow up.

It's not about dealing with all the "never-ending" problems and spending all day putting out the fires in your own organization.

It's not about dealing with difficult customers who eat their young every Monday morning before they start on YOU!

It's not about sleepless nights worrying about the next draw so you can pay your bills or, take little for yourself.

It's not about dealing with the uncertainty of not knowing where your next job will come from.

It's about working for yourself so YOU can enjoy personal and financial freedom.

It's about the rewards YOU get from owning a successful business that works for YOU!

Don't you agree that's what it's all about?

Hey ... why shed your blood, sweat, and tears working for customers and employees who will nickel and dime you to death, drive you crazy, and work you to the bone!

Especially when you can learn the systems and processes that quickly eliminates the problems, the headaches, the uncertainty, and improves the performance, increases the results, gives you maximum control with minimal effort, overloads you with pride of ownership, personal and financial freedom ... and all on your terms ... (tell me more ...)

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