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Are Your Field Employees Losing You Money?

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The Top Foreman, Superintendents, Lead Carpenters, Project Managers and Estimators That Are Making Tons of Money For Other Contractors aren't 100 Times Smarter than Your People They Just Learned How to Do It Right the First Time!

Dear Fellow Professional Contractor:

In this letter, I will discuss the huge advantage of increasing profits by having a fully trained operations staff that is focused on producing bottom-line results. This applies to you whether you are already staffed or thinking of putting an operations staff together. It doesn't matter how many or how few, your untrained personnel working in your operations arena can cost you tons of hard earned money!

Let me explain.

You may or may not know it, but CONSTRUCTION was my first business, and has been my primary business for over 30 years. Right now I am still fully engaged with this industry, through my consulting and coaching services. I've worked on billion dollar projects and have been directly responsible for over 3500 workers and their production results. I know firsthand how to get the best results. And this leads me as to how I can help you improve your production capabilities. So let me ask you.

Why Are You In Business?

Lets face it; you're in business to make money. Money will give you the rewards of financial freedom and freedom of lifestyle that you desire. That's the reason you have taken on the risks of owning your own business.

But the real question lies as to where profit is made? Profit is the result of selling work and completing it as per the estimate and schedule or beating them! The quicker you turn the work over, the more money you make on the job. This is the essence of being successful. But it isn't everything if you're lacking this important piece of the puzzle.

What These Top 1000 Contractors Know That You Don't!

A recent poll of the top 1000 contractors showed that one and only one thing separated them from everyone else. Their operations staff was fully trained in the art of managing construction projects for bottom-line results! As a matter of fact, they state that this is the ONE HUGE advantage that they have over their competition and their untrained staff.

The underlining question you need to answer is this:

Are your employee's who are managing your operations trained at all?

Most field managers are walking around, umbilical cord in hand, looking for someone to plug it in to. And that someone is usually YOU!

In today's economy it is a major challenge for contractors, just like you, to keep on top of fine-tuning their human resources, keeping them competent and highly skilled. It's an ongoing process that far too many contractors ignore. And ignoring it is costing you a fortune!

How do I know that?

Training my employee's in my own construction company was the one thing that I can contribute to my success as a contractor. That one small investment paid me back in multitudes later on if not millions ... and it can do the same for you!

The problem is this:

If only the top 1000 contractors are investing dollars into training their people, what are the other million or so contractors doing?

The answer is simple:


That interpolates into a humongous amount of unskilled, untrained or even worse, poorly trained people flooding the marketplace as employees (maybe even into your business too!).

From where I stand it looks like this.

You need to hire a body to manage your jobs, you place an ad in the local paper, some one answers the ad and shows up telling you he or she has done this or that, work for this one or that one, and all along, because they are untrained, unskilled in the art of doing it right, you buy yourself an egg sucking dog!

No matter how you dice it or slice it, you just hired yourself a heap of problems and it will cost you a ton of money. The average cost of taking on an untrained employee is around $25,000 to $45,000!

Can you afford that?

I'm sure you can't, so let me ask you this one very important question.

Do you want a business that works for you?

Reality is that we all want a business that works for us, but only a handful of us ever achieve it.

The cold raw truth however is this.

If you're spending all day putting out fires that your employees are making, never getting things done because your time is being devoured by the egg sucking dogs who can never make a decision on their own, redoing the work because it was done wrong the first time or taking on more work and making less money, I absolutely guarantee you that your untrained staff is killing you slowly without mercy because you don't own a business, you own a job!

Now for the best part.

To help you get a better-trained field staff, we've designed the ultimate two-day training program designed to enhance their abilities to do the job better than ever.

Face the facts, no matter how smart you think you are, no matter how capable you think you are, it won't do you any good unless your field managers understand what to do and are willing to do it. Then and only then, will you experience complete control over a business that reflects your personal wishes. And whatever the investment is in obtaining it, it will never cost as much as your untrained staff has cost you, is costing you and will continue to cost you in the future.

Now lets talk about how you can get your people trained efficiently.

Some of you know me; Commercial Builder Magazine called me "The Resource" for contractors in developing their businesses. I've trained thousands of contractors and their staffs. I also act as a business development coach to a select group of contractors who are members of my elite Golden Hard Hat Program (these contractors are making more than 20% profit margins using my system!).

My members have been after me for some time to develop a very special boot camp for their field managers. One that would teach them the incredible project management skills, techniques and methods that I have already taught them.

You see they recognize that the return on investment will be huge if they train their field managers and that is exactly what they wanted me to do. Train them to the systems, processes and procedures that they were implementing in their business through my Golden Hard Hat Program.

So to make a long story short, I've developed a highly effective two-day boot camp designed to fine-tune your field managers into highly turbo charged moneymakers that will understand how to properly and effectively manage a project from start to finish without bothering you each and every day. I call this the "Blue Collar Boot Camp."

So ask yourself this.

How much more effective would your field managers be if they knew how to?

Utilizing MOST (Management Organized System Technique) Project Management.

How to simplify construction scheduling.

How to set and meet milestones.

How to develop the POM (Project Operations Manual).

How to read and interpret the contract documents.

How to manage their time more effectively.

How to resolve conflicts as quickly as possible.

How to find, uncover and correct the expensive productive lost time syndrome.

How to effectively communicate and document everything on the job precisely without question, doubt or debate!

How to plan and conduct meetings from pre-construction to final.

How to develop, read and control project budgets.

How to negotiate and handle change orders.

How to virtually eliminate punch lists items the first time.

And more!

Send me your nonbelievers, your self doubters, your almost there but not quite trained but with potential - and I will spend two days showing them how to properly, efficiently and profitably do their jobs thoroughly and enthusiastically with full commitment, as well as, well grounded in the critical fundamentals of profit building project management.

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This is a limited "Blue Collar Two Day Boot Camp" developed by me to bring your field and operations employees, who you employ more in sync with your thinking and the systems of the Golden Hard Hat Program, relieving them of erroneous and stubbornly held beliefs of doing things the "old way."

THIS BOOT CAMP IS STRICTLY LIMITED TO 50 PERSONS, and will held in Sarasota, Florida on Friday, May 16, 2008 and Saturday, May 17, 2008. I will feed them a continental breakfast and lunch for the two days, work them to exhaustion and brainwash them into utilizing the system, then send them home to you rewired, reconfigured and well taught for the low "Early Bird" fee of $997 for one employee and $497 each for second or more employees (travel, hotel room and other meals not included).


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It's the difference between winners and losers.

All it takes is some good ideas, proven techniques and battlefield tested knowledge that will spur them into achieving things they could never achieve before. And the only way they can ever get this dynamic training is by attending this Boot Camp!

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The Untrained Will Make Mistakes, Cost You Money, Stutter and Stammer The Trained Will Improve Your Bottom-Line Performance.

Don't wait a minute longer, register your people today and lock in their success in your future!

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PS. Remember this is a first-come, first-served and strictly limited Boot Camp. Only 50 people will get in! Do your company a HUGE favor and register your people today!

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